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Seven of us make up Sennett Media’s team of experts and each of us, an accomplished business person in our own right.

Today it’s all about remote working and our team of seasoned professionals match our skills accurately to your needs
and requirements. Nowadays we all work remotely in one form or another and it creates for a much more mindful working experience. This way you get the very best of what the market can offer and we can hit the ground running, creating momentum straight away.

So whatever the questions that are asked of us, there is always someone with first hand experience assuring you of the best attention and expertise as the market and new technologies will allow.

Whether you’re publishing a website, magazine, app or need a coordinated social media campaign we have the skill sets to create momentum straight away. We work ‘off’ or ‘on’ site whichever best suits you and always rationale our work. This way you know how we reached a particular decision or strategy, giving you total confidence in your project.

But don’t take our word for it, see what our clients are saying about us…


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