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A decisecond is all it takes…

15 Aug 2017, Posted by admin in SM News Archive

This is only a very short feature but one that keeps popping up for us as Sennett Media and that is, how to find that perfect image. How many man hours have you and colleagues spent, trawling through endless pages of images, trying to find the right one for that clement project.? Often becoming image blind and needing fresh air and a short break. It doesn’t solve the problem but does bring you back down to earth and refocus your vision. If you have a brief from a client, that’s great, as you’ve got something to work with. So when the brief is carte blanché it’s up to you to create that perfect artwork or image.

How we got there…
So what I’ve laid out below is a quick a simple guide on how to create that perfect image without the cost of photographers, studios and models. This project was based upon a medical care system for the home, allowing for better rehabilitation, home care and convalescence. We needed to encapsulate in one image how the product works, when being viewed from a shopping isle in an approved UK pharmacy. As you can see we needed to convey this immediately through visual manipulation with the viewer understanding the concept of the product straight off the bat.

Firstly we looked at what the important part of the product needed covering immediately then set about work creating that right image. We have used sophisticated software for this project but if you have a copy of Photoshop, you can give it a try yourself.

Selecting the right images
This part is obviously pivotal to the success of the project and we examined the product inside and out, target markets, current purchasing markets, trends, competitors and storyboarded 3 images for manipulation. Being a d Home Centred product we wanted the viewer to immediately ‘feel at home’, creating security around the image processing.

As the product was geared to a predominantly aged market we choose an appropriate, friendly face. Gentle and warming, like your best friends nan. You can also see that we use any stock photography, whether from some of the reputable image libraries or taking and supplying your own.

We have deliberately left the text across the images so you can see how they all come together.

Finally the product is all about Home Care and because of the innovative and forward thinking this product allows for Virtual Home Care, offering the individual more independence with their requirements.

So then we set about creating the finished piece, again we have deliberately kept the text in so you can see them in position.

We hope you echo our thoughts when we came up with the finished piece and how instantly, without even knowing the name of the product it stimulates the mind, informing you of what the product does.

How the POS looks
We then set about laying out the artwork and adding in all the marketing and sales info, for when the prospects takes the product off the shelf for a closer examination. Ensuring the product has a quality feel and offers what the prospect is looking for. This was then translated into company literature and their online presence.

So if you have a project on the go and think this may prove beneficial to crating that perfect image, then please do give us a call or email…

Bye for now…
Jo Sennett

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