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Buttons – How to optimise your ‘Call-to-Action’

06 Jan 2017, Posted by admin in SM News Archive

This month’s offering is about the buttons we see popping up everywhere, allowing us to ‘Book Here’, ‘Read More’, ‘Watch Video’ or ‘Buy Now’. For marketers this is great news as it allows us to measure the metrics on certain platforms and how well the call-to-actions are performing.

But what does that mean to the individual who wants to be more in control and proactive in this area. Well, quite simply, it means that with some simple tweaks when creating buttons you can maximise this function to work for you in more ways than one.

Most social platforms nowadays offer the option to have a call-to-action button, (CTA) but do we make the most of them? It’s great that we can have this simple one click function, driving traffic to a specific destination or payment system, but this too can be an optimisable function which maximises exposure. By following these 6 easy steps, you can ensure that all your CTA’s are performing at the top of their game.

1. Avoid Multiple CTA’s on each page
People are already overloaded with information, choice and options and it often can cause a decision blockage, resulting in the prospect leaving undecided as they were overwhelmed. This can then result in lower conversions and ultimately loss of brand or product transference. By avoiding multiple call-to-actions on each page your prospects will make quick, simple decisions without being overwhelmed with too much choice.

2. Woo your Prospect
Ask yourself this question; If you were on a first date and they suddenly asked you to marry them, you would probably, politely make your excuses and leave. It’s the same for your prospects. They need to be woo’d into your brand, which will build greater trust between you and your customers, keeping better retainment. By giving value such as apps, ebooks, videos, discounts the more likely they are to convert.

3. It’s Urgent
Always try to make your Buttons urgent and by using terms such as ‘Book Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ then you’re off to a good start. Qualify this with explaining why it’s urgent, for example the offer is for a limited period only, or it’s only available to ‘x’ amount of customers. This way the prospects need to respond quickly to secure the promotion but aren’t being forced to make a purchase decision.

4. Aesthetics
Make sure your button stands out and is easily visible on the page. It may sound silly but the amount of buttons we miss because it hasn’t jumped off the page at you. Use kiss metrics wherever possible, considering colours (aggressive, passive, urgent, luxury and so on. Keep it simple – try and avoid unusual shapes as these tend not to be on a viewers radar, when surfing. Rectangles with rounded corners are best.

5. Don’t be too pushy
As with anything in life, we always switch off to statements that tell us to do something immediately. So avoid statements that demand immediate attention or purchases. Fo sure, it’s important to create urgency, but balance this with courtesy. Ask yourself how you would feel being demanded to make a decision right now. Giving value to your relationship, focusing on how you can help the visitor whilst viewing/using and purchasing your product(s). Chat with them, where possible, and show the human element to your brand. Make them feel you care about them, their opinion and custom.

6. Lookback
Although this can be time consuming, it’s the secret ingredient to your marketing mix. Without it your budget is allocated and spent, same as usual, but without the insight of how that budget is working for you, you could be missing huge opportunities, without even knowing. Your analytics could save your huge chunks off your budget or could cost you the same. Knowing how well you money was spent is empowering your spend and maximising it’s effectiveness.

So there you have it… If you keep to these simple rules when creating your next website or blog button you’ll know that even something as small as a little button can be working hard in the background for your brand.

Have a great month everyone and we’ll see you next time round…
Jo Sennett

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