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Case Study – William John Capital

18 Sep 2017, Posted by admin in SM News Archive

This month’s offering came to us rather unexpectedly and thought it might be of interest to you, to see how we work and indeed, how our client’s find working with us. We were delighted when we received this Case Study with such a glowing reference on our work.

Client: William John Capital Limited
Project: Design & build of the new William John Capital website and Brand Visual identity

William John Capital are a financial services business based in the U.K. We required a new website to promote our Capital Bond product to prospect investors and to be able to provide information and documentation by way of electronic forms and brochures.

The site required, needed to be “ring fenced” by utilising a strict registration/log in process, ensuring the presentation of the information held within the website and its related materials could only be viewed by registered users, ensuring the bond offering was compliant under regulatory rulings relating to financial promotion.


The site needed to satisfy regulatory requirements and was required to deliver the William John marketing team data capture, marketing/communication email integration, embedded functional features. The William John Capital brief wished for a fresh branding approach, look and feel design that reflected a traditional business operating in today’s market, with a modern twist regarding presentation and tone of voice.

sennett-media-websites-william-john-capital-faviconVisual Identity

The brand needed to emulate professionalism, security and moreover look like a traditional brand with traditional values. With that in mind Sennett Media produced some superb examples of how the visual identity could look and we took no time at all in discussing and deciding the brand identity. They encapsulated our brief and have created an excellent visual identity for the William John Capital brand.


Sennett Media then set about the task at hand by absorbing themselves into the ethos and commerciality of the company and its product. They quickly assimilated what was required and fed back to us with various brand treatments, allowing WJC to establish how the look and feel of the site and marketing materials would roll out.

Throughout the build programme, Sennett Media maintained a professional, committed and focused approach, which allowed for the project to flow and iterate in a timely fashion.

Client Testimonial

William John Capital CEO Rob Holgate said,

At such a critical point in William John Capital’s evolution, we needed an agency to be nimble and agile in the way they were prepared to work with us. We made it clear, that not only did the agency need to understand and execute against strict compliance parameters, they also needed to produce a stand out set of materials and website that would be able to present a defined message in a congested and competitive environment.

Jo and his team excelled and should be congratulated for delivering against these disciplines and principles, whilst maintaining a calm and positive approach to the tasks at hand.


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