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Hang on to Your Hat..!

01 Jul 2017, Posted by admin in SM News Archive

If you thought last year went fast, then get set for 2017, as digital marketing is getting sharper and more savage as the constant demand for attention is reaching boiling point. Reaching out to more prospects on social media is now higher than ever and not showing any signs of slowing down. In fact the reverse, so we’re all very excited to see what’s in store for us this year.

We’re also really thrilled with all the great news, tips and advice we’ll be sharing with you this year, helping you to grow your brand and maximise your exposure to new audiences and customers.

To kick off the New Year we’re looking at all those little annoying quirks we see and sometimes use ourselves, on social media. They can cause you pain and damage a brand so here’s some ‘social’ resolutions to make.

How many times have you come across a profile and all the posts are crammed full with #’s and appearing in your News feed every two minutes? More often than not, showing a pouting trout or their breakfast, lunch and dinner with every snack and Costa Coffee in between. Obviously if you’re a nutritionist or it’s part of your brand then posts like this are expected, so don’t think I’m aiming this at you. It’s the plethora or News Feed Junk we get that’s the problem.

So with that in mind here’s our Our Top 10 Tips on avoiding making those social media mistakes.

1. Fishing & Farming
Okay, so it’s not fishing, but more phishing and farming. At some point we’ve probably all been guilty of it, adding subscribers to our mailing lists without permission. Buying 10k likes for your Twitter account and some more sinister ones trying to hijack accounts or hack your websites. All things we as consumers and business owners steer well clear of. If someone offers you 10,000 followers just take a moment to think of the quality of those followers. People don’t mind low counts so long as the content is genuine.

2. Posting Every Nano-Second
We have discussed this element many times and it never ceases to amaze me how people have the time, let alone the effort to continuously be posting all day, everyday. So take time to explore what days and times are best for your brand.

We offer advice on the best times for posting, so if you’re unsure, just get in touch and we’ll be able to tell you the best days and times.

3. #Keepitundercontrol
Hashtags are used on most social platforms and act as a filter for specific interests, audiences, events or trends. But the problem arises when you have, for example, a travel company who # celebrities in the hope that it will elevate their brand. This actually has an adverse effect as normally the celebrity and certainly from the celebs on our books ban and block the post which is a black flag for you on that social platform. Too many of them and your profile may come under scrutiny or at worst be suspended or banned.

Not good, so keep things simple and use 3-5 on Facebook, 2-3 on Twitter and more on Instagram if it best serves your post. Allow your brand to grow organically rather than trying to force likes, interest and followers as generally speaking these individuals aren’t there to buy your product.

4. Know Your Stuff
If ever there is a place to make a prat of yourself it’s here and we’re all human and I’ve done it many times, even finding myself in hot water. Make sure all your posts are genuine and if fact based, ensure you double and triple check the facts. As soon as you send it, someone will debunk it for you, quashing all your hard work. With the boot on the other foot, if you see someone has fallen foul of this mistake, it’s best not to immediately publicly declare it in a comment underneath.

Be gentle, we all make mistakes and a private message carries much more weight in terms of authenticity and integrity. Something often lacking in today’s businesses.

5. Default Message Responses
These can be plain, dull and very uninteresting but with some creativity and imagery you can make the most of someone showing an interest in your brand. They’re a good spot for your latest CTA’s (Call to Actions) and if someone has shown an interest, then that interest is hot, so retain their attention.

6. Trend Hopper
At some point we’ve all done it, bought the latest fashion or phone, started another fad diet, only to find it’s not what we thought it would be. Well it’s no secret that any new trend or product the consumers are the guinea pigs, often with the developers waiting in the background for the customer service numbers to start ringing.

There have been some disastrous “Let’s jump on that bandwagon’ marketing campaigns but one more than any other sticks in my mind of a local pizza company in the States. They used #WhyIStayed which was actually referring to a case of domestic violence against a woman. So be sure you know what trend your jumping into.

7. Me, me, me…
We are an advertising and marketing agency, so we know the value and difficulties of selling a brand, or even making it visible. So when you get your following and customer base, you need to be clear on what marketing and sales messages they’re seeing. If you’re just blanket covering social media with sales ad after sales ad, you’re going to irritate your existing customers. It’s extremely important to send the right marketing messages to the right segmented audiences. Otherwise, once loyal customers may end up leaving or unfollowing you.

8. Get Engaged
This is probably one of the most overlooked areas and no matter how small, positive or negative comments and engagements can be on your posts, you need to react instantly, or as quick as humanly possible. Emphasis on human, as automated systems are never at the top of anyone’s list.

Obviously if the comments are not fit for public consumption, then you should remove the comment and directly contact the author regarding the comment. Don’t ignore it and don’t lash out on a reply comment. Other people are watching. What we suggest is removing comments like this with a short comment stating the post was removed for ‘x’ reason.

9. Manual or Auto
There are numerous interfaces out there that allow you to simultaneously post across a variety of social media platforms. This is great news for the business owner or agency and it does make light work of a busy schedule.

The problem for me is that social platforms don’t follow the same format, layout and style. So what looks like a cracking post on Facebook, looks misplaced and odd on Twitter or Instagram. So although you’re saving time you’re also saying to the world that it’s ok for the posts to look odd here and there. Is that the right message?

10. Making Sense of it all…
Now don’t think you need to down tools and start implementing everything we’ve highlighted here as for one, you’re instantly be increasing your workload and possible others too. So take one or two elements and put them into place allowing at least 4 weeks for the changes to take effect. Make sure you note, before implementing any of the suggestions, the stats on your social platforms, traffic to your website/blog/shop and page ranking if appropriate.

This way when you review the stats you will notice any change. You may want to run it again for another 4 weeks and review again as seasons, trends and events can all have an effect. Once you’re happy there’s been improvement, try adding another one or two. As they say Rome wasn’t built in a day but millions of people still visit it based on an subliminal assumption we have orchestrated in our own minds.

Enjoy your month everyone…
Jo Sennett

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