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A decisecond is all it takes…

15 Aug 2017, Posted by admin in SM News Archive

This is only a very short feature but one that keeps popping up for us as Sennett Media and that is, how to find that perfect image. How many man hours have you and colleagues spent, trawling through endless pages of images, trying to find…

Hang on to Your Hat..!

01 Jul 2017, Posted by admin in SM News Archive

If you thought last year went fast, then get set for 2017, as digital marketing is getting sharper and more savage as the constant demand for attention is reaching boiling point. Reaching out to more prospects on social media is now higher than ever and…

What’s your BackEnd look like?

01 Apr 2017, Posted by admin in SM News Archive

It may sound like a very forward question and in some respects it is, especially when you’re dealing with an ad agency or web developer. Most businesses know that websites are taking a second seat in terms of selling platforms with the advent of social media. So…

Dull as ditch water

01 Mar 2017, Posted by admin in SM News Archive

I trust 2017 is now in full swing and your sights set on all your business goals for this year. With that in mind I wanted to share something with you that does have an impact on all of your online presence. The topic is…

Buttons – How to optimise your ‘Call-to-Action’

06 Jan 2017, Posted by admin in SM News Archive

This month’s offering is about the buttons we see popping up everywhere, allowing us to ‘Book Here’, ‘Read More’, ‘Watch Video’ or ‘Buy Now’. For marketers this is great news as it allows us to measure the metrics on certain platforms and how well the call-to-actions are performing….

Creating the right image…

06 Jan 2017, Posted by admin in SM News Archive

Website Redevelopment requires patience and understanding as everything we interpret with differing views and opinions. That’s why we take the time to listen to our clients, ensuring that what we deliver meets or surpasses their expectations. Here’s the latest site we’ve developed ( ) and it included training…

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