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What’s your BackEnd look like?

01 Apr 2017, Posted by admin in SM News Archive

It may sound like a very forward question and in some respects it is, especially when you’re dealing with an ad agency or web developer. Most businesses know that websites are taking a second seat in terms of selling platforms with the advent of social media. So all of a sudden your conversations and planning with the marketing resources switches from websites to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and on and on and with so many new Social Platforms popping up, it’s a minefield to navigate.

But let’s get back to your BackEnd..! 
Your BackEnd is what works hard in the background ensuring the site stays live and interactive, as well as making sure the site is SEO friendly and ready. Everyone wants higher rankings within search engines and with the constant fight and battle to stay at the top, brands are paying small fortunes for the privilege. Well I’ll let you into a little secret, (unless you know already) the majority of surfers when searching for a particular product or service, ignore all sponsored ads and banners and can start their search around page 7 – 10 of the search results.

This should most definitely form part of the conversation with your web designer, if it doesn’t, then warning bells should be ringing. Many of us don’t know what this means or involves, or how much the time or cost implications could be. So it’s the perfect smokescreen to blind the client with jargon, bamboozling them into submission. So here’s some pointers to make sure you’re on the right track.

1. Are you Ranking well?
Whenever I pick up the phone and I’m met with a highly enthusiastic salesperson talking about ranking, I instantly think well obviously you’re a ranker and instantly switch off.

Anyone talking about your page ranking and how they can get you to the top of Google, aren’t lying, but it’s a complete waste of time, money and energy. All that’s happening is you’re being conned into thinking the likes, followers, friends are genuine. In fact they’re mostly bogus accounts set up in the 10,000’s, so it can look like they’re instantly generating interest around your brand.

What you’ll notice is that there will be very little, if any, comments, engagements or activity. So although it’s impressive to have 12k followers or 10k friends, if they’re genuinely not real or interested in your brand then it’s money down the drain. Your site, blog and socials all need to be buzzing with activity and full of genuine likes, comments and engagement. This draws others in and if your Facebook posts are liked by me, then all my friends get to see your post too. It’s the Facebook fairy dust every brand wants to be sprinkled with.

Should I care, really..?
Yes. It’s not the most important element in the modern marketing mix, but that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten either. It plays an intrinsic part of your marketing strategy in reaching an audience that isn’t present on social media. Every social media platform and online outlet have differing audiences, so it’s important to make sure your message is at your audience. For example this is a typical marketing spin to get your interest; ”

“80% of all internet traffic is through Google, so it’s even more important for your website to appear in search engine results.”

This makes me chuckle, as this is entirely dependent upon the audience, (and probably 80% of people have their browser set to Google upon opening) as the younger generation rarely Google, they’re more social… If your brand centres around a blog for inline skating, then Google ranking shouldn’t be at the top of your list. Your audiences will be on socials such as Instagram or SnapChat, so your efforts are best spent there. If you’re unsure of which audiences cross which socials, chat with us and we’ll show you the best socials for your brand.

sennett-media-back-end-grumpy-man2. Wtf is Meta Data..? 
This is the smoke and mirrors section, which can be used to baffle you senseless and leave you needing therapy and a healthier budget. So let’s break the myth. Wtf is meta data? It’s descriptive words that describe your brand. That’s it – no more, no less. Of course they need to be implemented correctly and be relative to what it’s promoting but essentially that’s it. You’ll have seen some front end ones such as ‘#’ or ‘@’ on social platforms.

Very similar in principle as it’s targeting interests, pages, groups, posts all with that particular keyword. Meta data does the same for search engines offering snippets of specifically descriptive words to narrow down searches with pin point accuracy, or at least that’s the intention. So it’s important to sit down with your web designer/developer and ensure this is being addressed.

Should I give a crap..?
This ultimately depends if you’re a give a crap kind of person, but if it isn’t addressed, then it’s a bit like spending out on fitting out a high street shop with no expense spared, then white washing the windows, so no one can see in. If you’re unsure if this is in place, we offer a free quick check and show you our findings and not bamboozle you with bs.

3. Check your mobile
Have you looked at your website on your mobile? It may sound a silly question but we have many clients who have come to us with website issues and their website not being responsive on phones and tablets.

The desktop version is all swish and working dandy, but the smaller the screen the worse it gets and in some instances we’ve seen whole chunks of websites missing and ultimately losing prospects in the process.

Ensuring the site is responsive across all devices, particular care and attention is required during the build phase, otherwise you could end up with a site that looks amazing on a desktop computer, but as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike elsewhere.

So what..!
On an average month 67% of all product and service purchases are made on a smartphone and Google recently published that there are far more searches performed on mobile devices and that number is increasing at an astonishing rate. So if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you could be penalised by Google, which in turn will affect your page ranking and search engine results.

We hope you have a great month.
Sennett Media

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