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If you want your brand/business to reach further, do better and grow faster a website simply isn’t enough anymore. We have a wealth of experience across all marketing functions and our sustainable solutions leverage your marketing activities using traditional and new technologies to help you surpass your competition.
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If you want your brand or business to reach further, do better, grow faster, a website simply isn’t enough anymore.


Welcome to Sennett Media and thanks for stopping by and we hope this site shows you how we would approach and handle your projects. We have a wealth of experience across all marketing functions and our sustainable solutions leverage your marketing activities using traditional and new technologies to help you surpass your competition.

With bespoke, tailored project and campaign management, we’re showing our clients powerful marketing solutions without crippling precious budgets.


Here’s the thing
Not so long ago it was considered that in order to remain at the top of your game, one of the things you would need to invest in, was a website. So, as the online presence of businesses grew, websites became the top item of every business strategy.

Nowadays it’s a very different story, as they are so commonplace that every one has one, with many businesses only operating online.

We’re different from most agencies, as our team draws on expertise from across the globe, allowing easy influence into different cultures, territories and demographics. So it doesn’t matter if your brand is purely UK based or if it’s looking to tap into European, US or Far Eastern markets then we can use our knowledge and expertise to get maximum exposure and value for money.


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